Urban Governance

  •  Decentralisation : Empowerment and strengthening of the municipal governments by devolving powers and authority is an important step forward. However, equally
        important is the promotion of intra-city decentralisation through decentralized structures like zonal/area committees, ward committees in large cities and the
        provision for representation of NGOs, CBOs and Residents Associations.

  •  Fiscal devolution : Urban local governments need appropriate systems, staffing and incentives for efficient and responsive urban service delivery. Devolution of
       funds, discretionary charges, fund raising powers and back-up mechanisms are important support systems that lead to better service provision and maintenance.

  •  Urban Planning : It is important to have master plans prepared for promoting the economic growth/ development of cities which that integrate the physical, economic,
        and social development components. The master plans not only act as technical blue prints but also mechanisms for placing the interests of various stakeholders of
        city growth/ development on urban space, especially of the urban poor.

  •  Urban sector reforms
  •  Metro Urban Governance
  •  Decentralization and urban finances
  •  Urban governance and role of institutions
  •  Public Private Partnerships

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