Local Governance Forum - Introduction

IBSA Local Governance Forum

The IBSA Local Governance Forum (LGF) was formally launched at a conference organised by the Institute of Social Sciences (ISS), held in New Delhi on 17-19 January 2008. The IBSA LGF is a composite forum involving NGOs of India, Brazil and South Africa. The last meeting of LGF was held in New Delhi on 8-9 April 2013. The Forum has the twin objectives –
(1) Providing a global platform for practitioners of local governance and civil society organisations engaged in researches and democracy activists to share their best practices and learn from each other's experiences.
(2) Facilitating South-South cooperation by promoting democratic decentralization, transparency of elections and streamlining service delivery.

The broad themes which feature in discussions in Local Governance Forum are -
Constitutionalism and Local Government System in IBSA Countries
Local Democracy
Local Government and Globalization
Local Government System and Need for Networking
Poverty, Development and Decentralisation
Empowerment through Equity and Inclusion

This people-to-people Forum emphasizes the need to promote and deepen democracy, empower people (particularly women) at the grass root level, and decentralization in the developing world.

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