Joint Declaration of the IBSA Parliamentary Forum, Brasilia, 14 April 2010


The Delegates of India, Brazil and South Africa Parliamentary Forum (IBSA Parliamentary Forum) having met in Brasilia on 13 and 14 April 2010:

Considering that the India-Brazil-South Africa trilateral development initiative was established with a view to promote South-South cooperation and develop common positions on issues of international relevance; Noting the Report adopted at the Second IBSA Summit assembled in Johannesburg, on 16 October 2007, to set up the IBSA Parliamentary Forum; Reiterating the Brasilia Communiqué of September 2009 in that IBSA as a Forum of developing country democracies from three different continents, has become an important mechanism for strengthening coordination on international and regional issues, fostering South-South cooperation to amplify the collective voice of the South and deepening mutually beneficial trilateral cooperation, based on common experiences, complementarities and resources; Is aware that such cooperation cannot realize its full potential without the participation of civil society, and other people-to people contacts.

Declare that in our IBSA Parliamentary Forum held in Brasilia, we have:

Refined the Base Document setting out the framework for the IBSA Parliamentary Forum and have agreed to adopt a final version of the framework document during the next IBSA Summit in 2011;Emphasized the importance of gender equality and women's rights in the building of a more equitable and just society in our countries.
Recognized the importance of the IBSA Parliamentary Forum's involvement in, overseeing the implementation of decisions adopted at the IBSA Summit of Heads of State and Government and Ministerial Meetings as a means to achieve a culture of efficiency, accountability and transparency. Further recognized the importance of the exchange of experiences and practices in the legislative processes of each country.

The delegations of the Parliaments of the Republic of India and the Republic of South Africa wish to express their profound gratitude for the hospitality shown by the Brazilian Congress in organizing this IBSA Parliamentary Forum Meeting.4/25/13 Ministériodas Relações Exteriores

Done in Brasília, Brazil, 14 April 2010.

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