Tri-Nations Conferences on Small & Medium Enterprises - Brazil - 15 April 2010

Tri-Nations Conferences on Small & Medium Enterprises
Organized under IBSA Forum
By NSIC-India in cooperation with SEBRAE-Brazil and SEDA - South Africa

Tri-Nations Conference on Small & Medium Enterprises, sub-group of the main IBSA Forum, is the tri-national cooperative initiative of three organizations ie National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) of India, Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) of Brazil and Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) of South Africa which aims to discuss issues related to MSMEs of these three countries and share their experiences for the development of MSMEs and also to enhance enterprise to enterprise cooperation in the field of micro, small & medium enterprises of these three countries.

This initiative of three organizations has been included as part of the main IBSA Forum since the 4th edition of Main IBSA Forum held in Brazil on 15 April 2010 and since then the final report of the said Tri-nations Conferences is presented to the Heads of States of three countries i.e. Prime Minister of India, President of Brazil and President of South Africa during the Forum.

The First Tri-Nations Conference organized by SEDA at Durban First Tri-nations Conference was organized on 23-25 August 2006. NSICand SEDA signed an Agreement of Cooperation for the development of small enterprises. NSIC also organized business delegation of Indian enterprises to South Africa in December 2006 and facilitated business linkages with South African enterprises with the help of SEDA.

The Second Tri-Nations Conference organized by SEBRAE at Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 17-18 September 2007. NSIC, India and SABRAE, Brazil signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for enhancing cooperation between small enterprises of India and Brazil. NSIC also organized a delegation of small enterprises from India to Brazil. One to one business meetings and exposure to business & Industrial environment in Brazil were organized by SEBRAE for the Indian delegates which gave them comprehensive awareness about business opportunities in Brazil.

TheThird Tri-Nations Conference organized by NSIC at Faridabad, India on 18-22 November 2008. The Theme of the Conference was “Innovative models for creating sustainable self employment opportunities and developing a strategy at institutional level for enhancing competitive strengths of SMEs of India, Brazil and South Africa to meet global challenges”.

55 Policy makers and small enterprises from South Africa and Brazil participated in this summit. NSIC had organized their visits to TECHMART (NSIC’s premiere exhibition for micro, small and medium enterprises), one-on-one meetings and other related industry visits were also organized.

NSIC also developed a Web Portal ‘’ in which links to the information on business opportunities and practices in these countries have been uploaded.

4th Tri-nations Conference organized by SEBRAE at Brasilia, Brazil on 14-15 April 2010

Main focus of this conference was to enhance cooperation through Access to Technology and Innovation, Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices and Promotion of Access to markets for small enterprises. The final report of the 4th Tri-nations Summit was presented in the IBSA Forum to the Heads of States of the three countries. As a follow up of the action point, NSIC assisted SEDA, South Africa in setting up SEDA manufacturing Technology Demonstration Centre in South Africa. Here, entrepreneurs from South Africa receive technical and business development Support on specific small enterprise projects.

SEBRAE representative also visited NSIC’s Technology Incubator and was also exposed to various small industrial projects which could be established for creating self employment opportunities.

Officials and enterprises from South Africa also visited NSIC’s Techmart India and its Technical training Centre at Okhla for skill development.

5th Tri-nations Conference was organized by SEDA at Durban, South Africa on 16-17 October 2011. The theme for this Conference was “Enhancing Opportunities for Sustainable Job Creation”. The final report was presented to the Heads of States of three countries in the main forum by Ms. H.Lupuwana, CEO, SEDA and highlighted that General areas of cooperation identified. A linkage to the web portal of both the countries has been provided on NSIC’s above mentioned B2C portal to enhance MSME linkages where SMES of all the three countries share their trade & business opportunities.

A large number of delegations led by the Deputy Minister of Trade & Industry, South Africa also visited NSIC’s TECHMART India in November 2011 & 2012 and identified various SME projects.

Enterprises from South Africa also displayed their products in NSIC’s Techmart India-2011.Two member team of SEDA was also exposed to NSIC’s Rapid Incubation Programme. NSIC also organized 12 member delegation to South Africa in May, 2012 and seven member delegation to South Africa in April, 2013

NSIC is also planning to organize a business delegation of small enterprises to Brazil in the month of May, 2013 to enhance business linkages among the enterprises of both countries.

Sixth Tri-nations Conference on Small & Medium Enterprises: As per the rotation policy, it is now the turn of NSIC, India to organize Sixth Tri-nations Conference on Small & Medium Enterprises coinciding with VIth Main IBSA Forum to be organized by the Government of India in New Delhi.

Outcome of Tri-nations Conferences:

These Tri-nations conferences have resulted into generating awareness about the strengths of Indian MSMEs in South Africa and Brazil and also about NSIC’s expertise in promoting and developing micro and small enterprises. As a consequence, NSIC has established its credibility in both countries especially in South Africa where NSIC has created many success stories.


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